About Stephen Doyle

Stephen is a software engineer with extensive experience writing embedded and application software. Stephen is based in Ennis, Ireland.

Technology interests:

  • Multi-threaded / Multi-core / Parallel programming paradigms
  • Scheduling algorithms – in particular realtime scheduling algorithms
  • System modeling & simulation – in particular modeling and simulating hardware devices and platforms
  • Agile software development practices – in particular Scrum and TDD
  • Programming languages: C++, C, Ruby, Python, Java, C#

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One Response to “About Stephen Doyle”

  1. James A. McCombe says:

    Hi Stephen,

    I have been trying to figure out how to allocate memory with the pages marked as USWC (uncacheable write combined) on Mac OS X. I am implementing a high performance DMA pipeline for a custom hardware device on the PCIe bus and am trying to avoid the DMA buffers from polluting the CPU cache hierarchy since they are written once by the CPU and then never read again by it. In order to use the streaming load/store instruction in SSE, it appears one must mark this memory region as USWC. I can see how to to do it on Windows and Linux, but not Mac OS X.

    If you happen to know of the top of your head, that would be great. No worries if you haven’t had to deal with this before!

    Kind Regards,

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